Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning

This Christmas was probably the best Christmas I've ever had. Paizley was so much fun! She loved everything. She loved opening the presents and seeing what was inside. What a cutie! Here's our little family on Christmas morning (don't mind the no make-up and jammies!) Our Family on Christmas Morning 2010
Paizley opening her presents and loving every minute
Her doodle board (the best present for church!)
Daddy helping Paiz open her presents
Her new straw sippy cup
Lots of clothes
Her cars (another good church present!) and toothpaste
Opening her broom (we got her this so she could help mama sweep)

Magnets for the fridge
Paiz seeing her gifts for the first time
Paizley's gifts
Daddy's gifts
Mama's gifts (notice how none of mine are wrapped...just not worth it anymore!)


This is us taking Paizley sledding for her first time. I was really hoping for a better reaction from her because she really didn't like it. Craig tied a sled up to his truck and pulled us around and once that truck started moving she really didn't like it! So Craig tried taking her down a little hill...still didn't like it! It's like the movement makes her nervous or something. Silly girl. Hopefully next year. There was one thing, however, that she loved...eating snow!
Mama and Paiz playin in the snow
The fam going sledding
Mama and Paiz behind the truck...hold on Paizzers!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Draper Family Pictures

The whole fam
All the grandkids

Paizzers 1 year old photo- this was like the only smile we could get out of her because she was so sick. She had her one year old shots the day before and they made her SO sick. I have never seen my sweet little Paizley so sick. That is why she looks so onry in all the photos. Poor girl.

Mom and Dad

It had been along time since my side of the family had got family pictures taken. Like, years! So luckily we found some time that we all got together and took some photos. Craig's dad took them for us. He always does such a great job. I think they turned out pretty cute and it's nice to now have a family picture where everyone is in it. We also used the pictures to make my parents a huge picture collage for Christmas. It still hasn't come, but I'm excited to see it. So, there's the Drapers!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1 year old check-up

Height-28.5 inches 37%
Weight-19.12 lbs 27%
Head- 77% (her brain is so big because she's so smart!)
These are the stats from Paizley's 1 year old check up. She is one healthy little girl and right on track developmentally...except for sleeping. I talked to the Dr. about her sleep habits and told her I was concerned because she still was waking up once a night to eat. The Dr. convinced me that she could go all night without eating and that she was probably waking up because of habit. So, we decided that it was time for her to learn to go without mama at night. It's only been two days and she's already taught herself to go to sleep on her own for naps and she's sleeping all the way through the night...12 hours! I know, it sounds simple right...WRONG! Ok, it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it's SO hard listening to your sweet baby cry. I just hate it. It took her 45 minutes at nap time number one without nursing and bloody murder screaming to finally go to sleep. It took 50 mnutes at night time number one of bloody murder screaming to put herself back to sleep in the middle of the night. But night time number two was a success with 12 full hours of sleep in a row without crying once! Nap time number two was a success with only a few minutes of FAKE crying to get herself to sleep! I'm so proud of her!! And I'm so proud of Craig and I for not ripping our hair out or being sucked into her crying so much that it just breaks your heart and you have to save her!! This wheening thing is starting to go much better. She is only nursing twice a day now. That's my girl. That's my big girl!

I'm one!

Paizley just had her first birthday! I can't even believe she's one years old. She is growing up too fast. She is adorable, funny, and cute in every way. I thought I forgot my camera so my father-in-law took all the pictures at her party. You can find them on facebook. Later I found my camera in my purse! Lame.
We had her party at my work- All American Gymnastics. I work for my college coaches at a gym in Lindon. We decided to have her party there because we wanted to invite so many people for this fun occasion and didn't think any of our homes would hold all of us. It work out perfectly. We got to play in the gym, have cake and ice cream, and watch Paiz open her gifts. I thought she would attack her cake, but she didn't. She had watched me all afternoon make her cake and the cupcakes and she wanted a taste so badly. I decorated her cake with these little candy things and that distracted her. She just picked those off and ate them...she hardly even tasted any cake! Silly Girl! Then with the gifts, everyone she openned she made classic faces. She was so thrilled with every gift. Especially the money from Grandpa Clyde...can you believe she already knows what that is! Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed this special day. Happy Birthday Paizzers. We love you SO much and are excited for all the other birthdays to come. xoxox