Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heart Beat

This last Friday we went in for our monthly check-up.  No big deal right, just making sure everything is still going as it should.  Well, our Dr. goes to listen to our boy's heart beat and we can't seem to find it.  At first I didn't worry because he is sitting completely different than Paizley; low...super low.  As she kept trying to find it and was unsucessful, I then started to worry.  She asked if I had felt him moving and I told her yes.  I could fill him actually when she was trying to get the heart beat, but then I started to think that maybe she was just pushing him around.  She told me we'd go look at him on an ultrasound to make sure he was ok.  Immidately I panicked.  Such a scary feeling not knowing if you're little baby is ok.  My heart goes out to all those who have ever lost a baby.  Luckily everything seemed fine.  His heart was beating and he was moving.  She did say that he was pretty much bent in half and that could have been why we couldn't find it.  She tried to confirm that he was a boy but he was being very stubborn that day.  The funniest thing she said was that it looked like he had a big head and that a repeat c-section would probably be a good thing!  Haha, just like his daddy already.  Craig's mom said that everyone use to comment on her kids having big heads.  Looks like this Marvin boy is going to keep up the tradition.  We're so glad that he is ok.  We just have to get through 4 more months.  Love you little man!