Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What we have been up to lately

Like I mentioned awhile ago, my computer has been so weird lately so I haven't been able to post. Well, today I out smarted my computer! I realized it was kind of over heating so I put an ice pack under it while I've been on here and what do you know! It's been working great! Good thing too because I have alot to catch up on...we really have been up to some fun things lately. Here are just a few. The first group of pictures is of us camping for the 4th of July. This has been quite a tradition for our family the past few years and this year was even better because we purchased our first trailer and was able to take it with us! What a treat it was!
Paiz getting her daddy

The new trailer!!! We got a sweet deal on it. It's super nice inside, everything works, sleeps 6, and even has a private master bedroom...Horray!

Paiz playing with her cousin and friend Jackson

Paiz, Jackson, and Jakell playin

Can you say DIRTY!! Paiz seriously looked like this 99% of the time. She couldn't keep clean and didn't want to stay clean either! She is alot less prissy that she appears!

The next group of pictures is from when we took our dog Hank to the Course Alure. It's a big dog show thing that more people go to than I ever imagined! Lots of fun activities for the dogs and fun to see different types of dogs. Here is Hank running through the course...he did pretty well for his first time! Go Hank

Dad and Hank getting ready for the race. Next year we will try the water jump. It was expensive and we wanted to train him alittle before we paid for him to do it. They just jump after a water toy into this huge pool of water to see how far they can jump compared to their size. Craig's uncle Keith's dog is the first in the state of Utah. We want to try and give him a run for his money!

Next are some pictures of Paiz and I doing her favorite thing...swimming. We go atleast twice a week. She loves it. And she is getting so tan...she has beautiful skin!

Snack time after the pool

The next group of pictures is us at the zoo. I got to go with some of my highschool friends and their kids. It's so fun getting together with them and their kids. Paiz needs more friends! She lives in such an adult world right now and just loves the chance to play with other kids. Here's us at our fun day at the zoo. She loved all the animals!

Yes, I forgot my stroller and had to rent one! CRAPY! But I wasn't going to walk through the whole zoo without one. Oh well, it all worked out!

All the kiddos

I took a picture like this when I was a kid at this same zoo, so I just HAD to take one of Paiz. She couldn't figure out how to hold her hands out there by herself, so I had to help alittle! Still SO cute!

Next are some pictures of when we went to St. George in May for our 4th anniversary. Can you believe it...4 years! It's really gone by so fast and I have really been so blessed and happy. Craig is the best. He's such a hard worker and wants to help others. He just has a big heart and I love him more and more each day! Love you babe, thanks for choosing me

Paiz came with us, we just couldn't leave her behind! We love this girl too much. But we had a great time all of us together. We stayed at my brother's the first night, went 4 wheeling, stayed at a hotel, went shopping, ate yummy food, played tennis and basketball, and did lots of swimming. Before we headed home we visited the St. George temple. Beautiful!

Although in this picture it doesn't look like Paiz loves swimming, she does! She would just jump right in to Craig. She would swim around kicking her legs too! So fun

Headed swimmin

Lastly are some pictures from Craig's sister Annette's wedding. It was so pretty and we were so happy for her and Payden!

Paiz supported that orange dress like a champ...we got so many complimants on it. What a cutie!

Paiz smiling because we're telling her to smile! Sometimes she closes her eyes, too funny!

Paiz and her handsome daddy