Sunday, April 24, 2011


This Easter was so much fun with Paizley. She loved all the candy and searching for eggs. We started off Easter Saturday at the city egg hunt. Paizley only got one egg. That was perfect for her though and she did it all by herself, unlike all the other kids! Then we had a party at my sister's place. We had yummy food and Paiz got to search for more eggs this time...she loved it! Her expressions when she would find an egg was priceless! That night we had more yummy food at my in-laws. The next morning was Easter Sunday and we let Paiz look in her Easter basket. She was SO excited. Christmas all over! She mostly loved the candy, but enjoyed her other things too. Then Craig did a short lesson on why we celebrate Easter. We showed her a picture of Jesus and told her that's why the Easter bunny comes to celebrate Jesus. We had to keep it simple and on her level! We finished it off with a yummy breakfast and day at church. Here's all the pictures from the weekend:

Dad and Paiz at Aut Kara's party searching for eggs

Searching for more eggs

She loved finding them in tricky places
Look at her face!
All the kidos ready for the hunt
This is what Easter looks like at our house...Cadbury Eggs and Reese's!!
The city egg hunt...her one egg