Friday, February 25, 2011

'I Do It Myself'

Paiz is all about doing it herself these days...EVERYTHING, but especially eating. She believes she is big girl who can feed herself. She is getting big, but not big enough to eat...well without getting completely messy. Oh well, this is one of those things as a mom I have to just let her do and don't worry about getting dirty. Believe me it's really hard, but she loves it.

14 Months

Here is Paizley at 14 months. One thing about her at 14 months is that she has SO much much that it's almost impossible to get her to hold still for a picture. We did get a few and that's why there are a few with mama...even thought she still wouldn't smile. She either won't smile or pulls huge cheesy smiles. What a cutie. 14 months has probably been one of my most favorite moments with Paiz. Her personality is really starting to show. She's starting to talk jiberish too and it's hilarious. Craig and I love to make up things that she's saying. She's recently learned to "wink", walk backwards, turn in circles, and balance on one leg. She gets so proud of herself...not to mention her parents! We really are so proud of her...she's gorgious from the inside out.

Isn't she the most gorgious thing! Such a doll

The Cheeser it


This was a project I did last weekend for Paizley's room. It's the letter P made out of crayons. I saw it on a TV show that I like to watch as I run on our tredmill. I thought, "Hey I could do that." Well little did I know! It was WAY harder than it looks. After about 5 hours of hard labor...I finished it. I think it turned out super super cute. So it was worth it, but I would probably never do it again! We have another project in the works...painting Paizley's play room. Every mother knows that they want everything for their kids and I've been wanting to paint her boring little playroom for so long. Well, we finally got to it. Pictures will come soon. I think it turned out so cute. Lime Green!!

Random Fun with the Marvins

Paiz and dad being abviously was in charge of this bath! Her hair was getting so long. She just had her first hair cut actually. My sister-in-law Holly trimmed up the mullet and made it into a cute little bob and trimmed the bangs so they swish better. She's gorgious as ever!

Don't freak out...this is NOT lipstick! Only chocolate lipstick...her fav.

Wishin' it was summer

Paizley has been getting so bored since the snow came. She LOVES being outside. She is definitely her daddy's daughter. There was one day that was decent weather compared to what it's been so I decided to take her out. We just went walking around exploring. She loved it. Even though when we got back home her little cheeks were red and her nose was cold, she didn't comlain once and actually cried because she wanted to stay outside. You can tell by all the pictures she loves climbing and stomping on things. We look forward to summertime when we can spend many hours outside doing more exploring.

She looks so cute in her winter gear

This is one of my favorite pictures because it shows how tiny she is. She's pretty petite for her age and I just love this picture because you look at it and can't believe such a little thing is running around like she is!

Let's go mama!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few fun videos

This is Paizley the other night at dinner time. She was so tired! You'll notice that she eats and laughs and then dozes off...she gets this deliriousness from me!

This is Paizley telling our dog Hank to be quite. So cute! He was barking, so I yelled at him to be quit. Just a few seconds later Paiz started yelling at him too. Such a smart girl. He didn't listen because she's not loud enough, but soon I'm sure he will. She loves him and I know they're going to be good little buds. Listen close because at the very end it really sounds like she says "Shut up" to funny! Oh, and don't mind the hair! This is what I get to wake up to every's the best!