Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Parties Galour

Christmas time is filled with tons of parties. From the big Hone party to the Draper sibling party on my side and then the Killian, Marvin, and Marvin Sibling parties on Craig's side. So, parties galour for us during the holidays! It's always really fun seeing everyone and eating all the yummy food. Here are a few pictures of us at a few of the parties. Paizley and cousin Addison riding in Uncle Jermey's sports car. At first Paiz hated it, but by the end they were jammin out to the radio!

Craig is steering them around with a remote control and the rest of us are watching busting a gut because we're laughing SO hard!

First attempt in the car...hating it! No daddy, NO!
Paiz and cousin Addie hanging out playin' at the Draper party
Paiz carrying around her books from the Marvin sibling party

Paiz at the Marvin sibling party