Friday, August 27, 2010

Run Paiz!!

You're going to love this video! This is a good indication of what our nights consist much fun playing with Paiz. Her daddy loves to scare her and in this video she is trying to get away from him but she hasn't figured out how to make it up the stairs yet. So funny!! It makes me think of those dreams where you're being chased but you can't run...but she is actually enjoying this!!

Yuba Lake

For our last trip before summer ends we took a trip to Yuba lake. It was with Craig's work and we had so much fun. We don't have any pictures because I forgot the camera at home, so I'll try to be very descriptive in my writing. Craig's boss paid for us to go to the lake. They provided a wave runner for each family. We had a picnic and dinner there as well. It was Paizley's first time on a wave runner and might I just say it wasn't her favorite. I think it was the life jacket she hated the most but we wouldn't let her on the wave runner without it. She loved sitting on the edge of the beach playing in the water and mud. She loved watching her mama and daddy on the wave runners though. She could hear her mama screaming because her daddy was so crazy on it! What a perfect way to end the summer. So sad it's gone, but it sure was a fabulous one!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bear Lake

Each summer we go to Bear Lake for the Killian Family Reunion. It's always so much fun and this year was even better with our sweet baby girl. Our time is filled with great company, playing games, hunting, shooting, camping, great food, swimming, hiking, biking, jogging, and camp fires. Here are some pictures of our fun trip:
This is a picture of Paiz taking a nap...she got pooped out with all the swimming. You can't tell very good in the picture, but our dog Hank is also taking a nap by her. He stayed there until she woke up. What a good dog!!
Here's dad building Paizley her very first sand castle
Bear Lake...aka the "freezing" lake! I was nervous that Paiz wouldn't want to swim because it's so cold...boy was I wrong! She didn't even care she swam and swam. That's our fish girl!

The sand castle
Mama and Paiz enjoying the sun...Paiz wouldn't wear a hat and I was nervous that her head would get burned so we put this bandana on instead and she wore it...doesn't she look adoreable as a biker chick!!

Paiz enjoying her castle

Happy Paizzers. Don't mind the homemade swimsuit...Mom remembered everything but Paizley's swimsuit so we made her one! She still looks cute as ever!

Mama, Paiz, and Aunt Kimmy playing in the sand

Mama and Paiz
Daddy and Mama enjoying the camp fire...Paiz was enjoying sleeping in the trailor!

Mama and Paiz headed for the water

Daddy and biker girl Paiz chilin' at the cabin