Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Day

Ok, so I know that I've had alot of posts the last few days, but this past month was filled with so much fun! This is the last one for awhile...atleast til thanksgiving anyways! This is Paiz on Halloween Day dressed in her adorable Halloween outfit. Gosh she is a cutie!
Trying to pose for the picture! So cute.

Close up of her cute Halloween bow

Paiz hangin out with Grandpa Marvin

Paiz in her pumpkin hat that her Aunt Kimmy made her

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treating

Ok seriously, this might just be my favorite picture ever! This perfectly shows Paizley's halloween...she LOVED it!

Showing off her tail
Her first sucker...yup she loved that too!
Happpy Girl

Trick or treating at Aunt Kara's house

Grandma Net and Paiz in their costumes

Cutest little bunny ever!
Trying to hop like a bunny!
I think Halloween might just be Paizley's favorite holiday. Who knows, it could change once Christmas and her birthday come, but she loved it! She couldn't believe that every house we visited they gave her candy. She tried every treat in her Aunt Kara's trick or treat bowl, her uncle Jeremy was stuffing suckers in her socks and boots "for later", Grandpa Clyde just kept saying "take one more", Gramdpa and Grandpa Draper gave her her favorite...rice crispy treats, Grandpa and Grandma Killian gave her a whole baggie of candy, and lastly we finished at Grandpa and Grandma Marvins for some dots...another favorite. Can you say SUGAR HIGH! Seriously she was just going and going and going! And she just kept wanting more! I let her go crazy a bit since it was Halloween, but I am so glad Halloween only comes once a year! So much fun and so much candy! Thanks everyone for the yummy treats. We finished the night off with a scary movie...ok, scary for me! We watched I am Legend. What a perfect Halloween!

The Pumpkin Patch

Daddy and Paiz after the hay ride
Gramdpa Craig and Paiz
Mama and Paiz finding her perfect pumpkin

Which one should we choose mama?

Paiz with alot of her cousins
Ghost Paizley...too cute!

Ghost babies Addison and Paizley

Aunt Rosie, cousin Addie, Mama, and Paiz
Uncle Jesse with the kidos
This was Paizley and Addie's first time at a pumkin patch. We went on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, got to choose a pumpkin, and enjoyed being together. What a fun day!

10 Months

Here are some pictures we've capture of Paizley around 10 months. She just keeps getting bigger, smarter, more fun, and more cute! We sure do love this girl!