Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was wonderful.  Paizley was starting to get the whole Santa concept and was a joy to watch over the holidays.  She loved Santa and Christmas.  She wanted a pink bike for Christmas and that's what she got.  It makes me so happy when she's happy!  I want to give her the world!  We also taught her about the true meaning of Christmas by reading books about Christ's birth.  She would say, "Baby Jesus, born."  What a great season filled with service, family, the spirit, love, and happiness.  Merry Christmas everyone and I hope to carry the spirit of the season with us into 2012.

Paizley's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl Paizley!  I can't believe you're two.  The last two years have been the best of my life.  I love being your mama.  You're so smart, adorable, fun to hang out with, and just perfect in every way.  We love you so much.  Happy Birthday Princess!

Marvin Family Pics 2011

The brothers and sistersPaiz with her Grandma and Grandpa MarvinThe whole fam
Paiz and MamaPaiz with her Daddy, they have so much fun togetherThe cutest little PaizzersThe three of usOne of my favorites of our family
Thanks Grandpa Marvin for taking our pictures and doing a great job like always!