Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Time Fun

Here are just some random pictures of what our summer has consisted of...pretty much just lots of time together as a family and tons of fun. Enjoy...
This is my brother Jesse with his first baby girl Addison Lou. I haven't got to meet her yet but I look forward to seeing them in August. She is sure adorable! And doesn't she just look so tiny against my big brother. She looks so much like him when he was a baby. I'm so happy for them! Congrats Jesse and Rosie! And welcome to the family Addie.
This is Paiz with her new friend Brooks. This is my friend Chelsie's baby. We loved having them visit. I can't believe how much babies grow in just 5 months...that is about how much older Paiz is than him.
Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen! Paiz's plumber crack.
My YW and I made temples out of marshmellow's for an activity. So fun. It was harder than we thought too. Here is how mine turned out. It's Mt. Timp if you couldn't tell!
Craig caught this cute picture of us when we were taking a nap together. Snuggles!!!

Happy Birthday America

This 4th of July was a fun one. It started off with Craig playing in a men's softball torny all Friday evening. It took 5 games...but they won! It's always fun because his buddies bring their wives and I get to hang out with them while the boys play alittle ball. Plus, Paiz loves being outside and just had a good time. The next morning we headed up the canyon for a breakfast picnic with Craig's family. We spent the afternoon enjoying the outdoors. Then we came down that night for a BBQ at Craig's Aunt and Uncle's place. Any excuse to have a steak! It consisted of good company, yummy food, and some fireworks. The next day after church we headed back up the canyon for some camping. We were kind of nervous...camping with a baby!?!? It actually went pretty good. Paizley's first time camping was a success! It was quite cold though, so mama and daddy didn't get much sleep since they were too worried about Paizley keeping warm. We've got to invest in a camper. Why doesn't money grow on trees?!? Our awesome camp fire. We burned our old hose in this tube thing and it put off a blue/green light. Pretty neat.
Paiz campin'...why naked? Well she decided to potty in her outfit so she had to hang out in the trailor while her closed dryed. She loves being naked though and so I think she did it on purpose!
Paiz enjoying being naked and campin'

Paiz drivin' Daddy's truck...her favorite
Mom and Paiz waiting for her clothes to dry.
Payson Canyon where we camped.

We don't roast marshmellows. Just kidding. This is how you have to dry clothes when you're campin'!
Paiz eating her first Red Vine. She loved it ofcoarse.
Paiz drivin'
This is Craig, his little cousin Wyatt, and me at the BBQ just waitin' for the fireworks to start
Daddy and Paiz enjoying the BBQ and fireworks
So we wondered if Paiz would love or hate the fireworks. Well, she LOVED them. This is her face watching them! Ha ha, so cute. She looks so captured.
The sweet fireworks
Craig and me watching the fireworks

But I'm Not All Wrinkled Up Yet

Paizley loves water...everything about it! She loves swimming, playing in our water fountain, drinking it, bathing, and even getting squirted with the spray bottle. She'd stay in water all day if we'd let her! Here are some pictures of her first time swimming and the start of many visits to the Payson Pool.No Craig is not wearing a shirt! What a guy, he spent all day in our backyard pouring concrete. Thanks Daddy for making our backyard look so great. He sure can pull of the Farmer's tan though!

The whole family got to go swimming for Aunt Kimmy's dance celebration. Paiz was soooo excited. Just another excuse for her to go swimmin'!