Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's been way too long since I've posted. Mostly because our computer is horrible. However, we finally purchased a new one!!! Yeah, hopefully I'll find time to post more. I just find it hard to post when I have my sweet Paizley to spend time with. She is growing up so fast! What a girl! What a kid! She really is so much fun to hang out with and her personality is just charming. She's a hoot and makes me laugh most of the day. She's also a talker. A very good talker. Pretty much says whatever she wants and what's on her mind. Funny story: some how she's learned the word boobs. Not sure how it happened, but it happened. I think it's probably because she touch herself and looks at me like, "mom what are these!?!" So I tell her. Is that wrong? I don't want her to feel like she can't ask questions, so I'm honest with her. Well, now she will find my bras and say, "boobs". Oh what's a mother to do! Sometimes she accidentally calls her boots boobs too. So funny. What a kid! I love her so much and don't think Craig and I have been happier. She really brings love, joy, and happiness into our home.
She also just got a big girl bed. Mostly because the crib was getting ridiculous to get her to sleep in. Also because we found out baby #2 is on its way, I'm only like 6ish weeks, so we wanted to get her use to the idea very slowly. She is use to having ALOT of attention. So when we told her we were expecting she said, "NO!!" I explained that it will be fun to have someone to play with and that she can help me change it's bum and feed it. She started to like the idea after that. She loves it at times and hates it at other times. Hopefully it will be a fun thing for her. Craig and I are really excited. We just know how much joy Paizley has brought into our lives and know this baby will do the same. Unforuntely, I've been SO sick with this baby. Throwing up, tired the whole gig. I finally got some medicine and it's really been helping. I'm wondering if this one is a boy. I never threw up with Paiz. We'll see I guess, but very exciting. If this is how you found out that we're expecting please don't be offended! It's so hard to tell everyone personally. We told family and that's really it. So don't be offended. We love you all and want to share the news with everyone but it can be so hard.
I've got some pictures to post that I will try and get up soon. But the Marvins are doing well and are just enjoying the news of the new baby coming and the beautiful fall weather.