Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was really fun with Paizley.  We had an Easter BBQ at Craig's Uncle Ben's house.  Good food and company like always.  They had an egg hunt and Paizley loved it.  She thought it was so neat when she would spot an egg; an even better that there was candy inside!  We also colored eggs which was a fun activity for her.  She is like the perfect age, everything is just so exciting for her!  Easter morning she woke up and we told her the Easter bunny came.  Craig hid our colored eggs around the house.  She thought that was pretty neat.  She found all the eggs before she even looked at her gifts.  It looks like she got alot, but she needed summer clothes.  Her favorite gifts were her Spirit movie and softball mit.  Now she can play catch with Craig and I.  Such a fun weekend.  We also tried to teach her about the real meaning of Easter.  I know that my Savior died for me and that he was resurrected and lives.  I hope that someday Paizley will understand this precious gift and that I can teach her how much her Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ love her. 
 Egg Hunting

 Easter Morning

Heading to church in her new Easter dress

The Aquarium

My sweet friend Jess suggested we go to this aquarium up in Sandy.  Paizley loves going places.  She gets excited if we have to go to Walmart or even just to Grandma's, so I knew she'd love this place.  We got to go with our friends the Peterson's.  I loved that I got to hang out with my good friend and catch up and Paiz loved hanging out with her little boy Oli and seeing all the fish.  Her favorites were the penguins and sea otters.  After the aquarium we had a picnic at the park.  Thanks for a fun afternoon Jess and Oli! 

War Wounds

Here is poor Paizley with her first black eye.  She was so tough and brave!  She fell down the stairs.  Luckily I was ahead of her so she only fell down 2-3 stairs, but she hit right on her bone under her eye with the corner of the stair.  It bruised instantly and just got worse as days went on.  Here she is showing off her scar.  What a tough little girl.  This is just one of many times I have been so frightened because of her getting hurt.  She is very daring.  Just the other day she was on the love sac doing "nastics" tricks on it and fell off the back of it and cut her head on the decoritive part of the window.  If you've ever seen a head wound you know they bleed like crazy.  Well, I didn't know that!  I seriously thought my poor sweet baby girl was going to bleed to death.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  But when you love someone as much as I love her, I was terrified.  I put a rag on it and within seconds it was soaked in blood.  I was freaking out and called my mother-in-law in hopes that she was home.  She was and could hear Paizley screaming on my lap and said she'd be there in a minute.  She seriously came within 3 minutes, bless her!  She helped me bath Paiz and stop the bleeding.  She was just fine after that, but it sure scared her mama.  I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father that she is ok.  She was crying so hard and I told her we'd say a prayer that she would be ok.  It helped comfort both of us and I am glad everything turned out well.  I'm sure this won't be the last "war wound".  I wish because it's the worst feeling for a mother to see her child hurt.  But for now, I'll just keep trying to keep this little monkey safe.  Again, I'm so thankful each and every day that she is safe, healthy, and happy.  Love you Paizzers.

Snow Day

Paizley LOVES the snow.  Saying that is almost an understatement.  She loves to play in it, throw it, build snowman, and especially eat it.  Here we are on one of our days in the snow.

I can't figure out why this picture won't rotate.  Lame.  Don't judge the no make-up, yucky look.  Just enjoying a day out in the snow with my sweet girl.  She's the best and I'm so lucky each day I get to be with her.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heart Beat

This last Friday we went in for our monthly check-up.  No big deal right, just making sure everything is still going as it should.  Well, our Dr. goes to listen to our boy's heart beat and we can't seem to find it.  At first I didn't worry because he is sitting completely different than Paizley; low...super low.  As she kept trying to find it and was unsucessful, I then started to worry.  She asked if I had felt him moving and I told her yes.  I could fill him actually when she was trying to get the heart beat, but then I started to think that maybe she was just pushing him around.  She told me we'd go look at him on an ultrasound to make sure he was ok.  Immidately I panicked.  Such a scary feeling not knowing if you're little baby is ok.  My heart goes out to all those who have ever lost a baby.  Luckily everything seemed fine.  His heart was beating and he was moving.  She did say that he was pretty much bent in half and that could have been why we couldn't find it.  She tried to confirm that he was a boy but he was being very stubborn that day.  The funniest thing she said was that it looked like he had a big head and that a repeat c-section would probably be a good thing!  Haha, just like his daddy already.  Craig's mom said that everyone use to comment on her kids having big heads.  Looks like this Marvin boy is going to keep up the tradition.  We're so glad that he is ok.  We just have to get through 4 more months.  Love you little man!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was wonderful.  Paizley was starting to get the whole Santa concept and was a joy to watch over the holidays.  She loved Santa and Christmas.  She wanted a pink bike for Christmas and that's what she got.  It makes me so happy when she's happy!  I want to give her the world!  We also taught her about the true meaning of Christmas by reading books about Christ's birth.  She would say, "Baby Jesus, born."  What a great season filled with service, family, the spirit, love, and happiness.  Merry Christmas everyone and I hope to carry the spirit of the season with us into 2012.