Sunday, April 8, 2012

War Wounds

Here is poor Paizley with her first black eye.  She was so tough and brave!  She fell down the stairs.  Luckily I was ahead of her so she only fell down 2-3 stairs, but she hit right on her bone under her eye with the corner of the stair.  It bruised instantly and just got worse as days went on.  Here she is showing off her scar.  What a tough little girl.  This is just one of many times I have been so frightened because of her getting hurt.  She is very daring.  Just the other day she was on the love sac doing "nastics" tricks on it and fell off the back of it and cut her head on the decoritive part of the window.  If you've ever seen a head wound you know they bleed like crazy.  Well, I didn't know that!  I seriously thought my poor sweet baby girl was going to bleed to death.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  But when you love someone as much as I love her, I was terrified.  I put a rag on it and within seconds it was soaked in blood.  I was freaking out and called my mother-in-law in hopes that she was home.  She was and could hear Paizley screaming on my lap and said she'd be there in a minute.  She seriously came within 3 minutes, bless her!  She helped me bath Paiz and stop the bleeding.  She was just fine after that, but it sure scared her mama.  I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father that she is ok.  She was crying so hard and I told her we'd say a prayer that she would be ok.  It helped comfort both of us and I am glad everything turned out well.  I'm sure this won't be the last "war wound".  I wish because it's the worst feeling for a mother to see her child hurt.  But for now, I'll just keep trying to keep this little monkey safe.  Again, I'm so thankful each and every day that she is safe, healthy, and happy.  Love you Paizzers.

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