Monday, April 26, 2010

The Park

This was Paizley's 1st of many times at the park. She still was alittle small we think to have fun and understand it, but we enjoyed the time together as a family.
Mommy, Paiz, and Hank (aka The Poop)
Daddy and Paiz trying the "BIG" slide
Mommy and Paiz
Daddy and Paiz
Poop...wrong way ya goof! He
loved the park and slides more than
Paizley I think!

I love you and all the silly things you do

Paizley is just growing up so fast and we love to watch her each day as she's learning and developing. She sure has the cutest little personality. She loves to play and giggle. Pure adorable is what she is and we just love her in our home. We look back now and wonder what we ever did without her.
Just last week she learned how to roll over and it's her knew favorite thing...she feels so big. She has discovered her mouth and hands as well. She's reaching and grabing things and ofcoarse they go right into her mouth. Funny story- I like to take her in on the kitchen floor with me while I'm doing dishes or fixing dinner. She loves to watch her mommy. Well like I mentioned she learned to roll over. I looked down at her and she had rolled over off her blanket onto the tile and was sucking on the tile floor. Gross I know, but so cute! I just thought...Oh I sure hope my kitchen floor is clean. She sure is silly. Here are some pictures we've captured of her doing some of her favorite and silly things.
This is Paizley on her 1st Easter morning.
This is the dress and headband she got from
Grandpa and Grandma Draper. She got a cute
little outfit and some sunglasses from Craig and I.
She so didn't understand what was going on, but
it was fun to celebrate with her anyways!
This is Paizley's 1st bedroom. Pretty N' Pink!
We think it turned out pretty cute with our limited resources!
The crib...thanks to Craig's Aunt Camille
and Uncle Ben we got it for free! Thanks
so much Ben and Camille.

Paiz in her jumper. She loves this thing.
Mommy and Daddy also love it since she's
in this stage where she wants to stand all
the time and our arms can only take so much!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is what CUTE looks like!

Here is Paizley with her Aunt
Rosie, Jesse's wife, and soon to
be cousin Addison Lou.

Paiz with Uncle Jesse. It was so funny, she
was sleeping and she kept moving and her face
would get all tangled up in Jesse's long beard.
Let's just say she didn't stay asleep long! Paiz and Daddy watching the Jazz playoff game.
You can tell by Craig's face this is game 1 against
Denver when they lost. GO JAZZ!
Paizley with her cousin "Chops". Don't
you love how Paiz looks just as big as her?
Oh my cute little chunka munk.
Beautiful blue eyes. Still not sure where she
got them, but we're not complaining.
She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny
yellow poka dot onesie!

I'm a BIG girl now!

Paizley just had her 4 month check-up and gets to start big girl food now. She is just getting so big too fast. We just introduced her to rice cereal and next week we will try veggies. She seems to like it and feels so big eating from a spoon. Before we started her on big girl food she would just stare at Craig and I when we'd eat looking at us like, "I want some of that Mom and Dad!" She's still getting the hang of it, but she's loving eating like like a big girl. Here are some pictures of her first experience with rice cereal.

My 1st cereal mustache
with that adorable double chin.